3D Property Viewer

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Vývojář: Way Too Digital

Our solution is aimed to help Real Estate Developers on the pre-sale stage by engaging prospects with an interactive navigation of virtual 3D properties before they are constructed.

Features: interior walk-through + exterior augmented reality + POI (points of interest) info + social sharing + objects customized with users photos (portraits, LCDs, etc...)

Several interaction modes are available depending on the targeted platforms: mobile devices, live showrooms, trade shows, micro websites and apps for Facebook fanpages.

Augmented Reality :: superimposed 3D computer-generated images appears tracked on top of the live camera shooting of real object like brochures or any other surface such as scale models, showroom walls or even into a real life local view of the empty terrain! Still confused about what this is? Then point your mobile device back camera toward this marker: http://downloads.waytoodigital.com/solutions/3D_property_viewer/marker.jpg

Touchscreen :: friendly navigation

Immersive environment :: visitors can use their body movement to interactive with multiple immersive 3D mapping projections at showrooms or trade shows.

Find more info @ http://www.architechtour.com to contactus@architechtour.com